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For now, you may be wondering how to tell if your system was booted into 32 or 64-bit kernel mode. Just take the same route above, but stop at Software, and look for the 64-bit Kernel and Extensions flag, circled in red below. It s just one more step in the roadmap to a full 64-bit Mac. System profiler shows mode booted into. There s really no stigma attached to running in the 32-bit kernel mode, and, in time, all our kernel extensions will be 64-bit. Detecting 32 64 bit systems.

I can t really find a clear solution in google how would one go about detecting if the system is 32 or 64 bit. There are UNIX, WIN32 etc. flags, but nothing really for the architecture. Thanks a lot, Dominik _______________________________________________ Powered by www. Re Detecting 32 64 bit systems. OK, got it experimentally. Opposed to the explanations there, which I saw, but took as not what I need, on my systems it amounts to i686 and x86_64, exactly what I need.

On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 6 19 PM, Dominik Szczerba wrote Hi, I can t really find a clear solution in google how would one go about detecting if the system is 32 or 64 bit. But wait, is the description below correct. -- Ryan Pavlik HCI Graduate Student Virtual Reality Applications Center Iowa State University. _______________________________________________ Powered by www. So you claim that on Windows CMAKE_SIZEOF_VOID will tell me the target build system, not the physical one, while it will mach CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR if the both are the same.

Many thanks for the clarification. On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 6 34 PM, Ryan Pavlik wrote. I have done the same thing myself, using size of INT instead of P which is of course following the exact same logic. After attempting several strategies I found this one to be the safest way to detect 32 64bit systems, so I recommend using SIZEOF as well.

On Sunday 13 February 2011 08 00 41 PM Ryan Pavlik wrote. But there s one important pitfall fat binaries. on Mac OS X if CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES is set to multiple architectures especially, if they re mixed 32 64 bit you can t rely on the value of CMAKE_SIZEOF_VOID_P. In order to solve this problem, you ll want to look at the documentation of the CheckTypeSize module.

I usually do something like this. include CheckTypeSize check_type_size void SIZEOF_VOID_P BUILTIN_TYPES_ONLY configure_file config. Where config. in contains at least. Set to sizeof void SIZEOF_VOID_P_CODE. You can t do anything about this stuff in your CMake code, because you are compiling both for 32 _AND_ 64 bit at the same time. The variable SIZEOF_VOID_P_CODE defined by the check_type_size macro contains preprocessor code defining the symbol SIZEOF_VOID_P to the appropriate number depending on the current architecture.

On 02 14 2011 09 57 AM, Yngve Inntjore Levinsen wrote. sizeof int is 4 on basically all systems I have ever seen ignoring those 16bit machines of 286 areas or things like that so this test is basically useless. Also testing for sizeof long will get you into trouble as this 8 for Un x64 but 4 for Win64. The best way is usually sizeof void even if there are programming model where you would get a 32 bit pointer even in a 64 bit executable but those have to be explicitely enabled and are barely ever used from my experience.

Eike _______________________________________________ Powered by www. Perhaps I should change to VOID instead, thanks for the tip. This was my previous code INCLUDE CheckTypeSize CHECK_TYPE_SIZE long LONG_SIZE 4 if 32bit, 8 if 64bit. I don t actually build for Windows yet, so I suppose that is why I didn t notice the potential problem. On Monday 14 February 2011 10 35 26 AM Rolf Eike Beer wrote. This will FAIL on windows. MSVC iq option best 95 perfect signal indicator long as 32 bits on BOTH 32 and 64 bit compiles.

Sorry, I meant LONG actually, I was a bit tired when I wrote the mail. Stick with the already defined CMAKE_SIZE_OF_VOID_P instead. Iq option best 95 perfect signal indicator mentioned earlier, when building for OS X and universal binaries there are some special considerations to examine. It is known to work correctly on all the systems that CMake defines.

___________________________________________________________ Mike Iq option best 95 perfect signal indicator www. net Principal Software Engineer hidden email BlueQuartz Software Dayton, Ohio. On Feb 14, 2011, at 1 39 PM, Yngve Inntjore Levinsen wrote. After switching to 64 bit build option in code editor I get the error message Invalid solution configurationwhich is fine but when I try and switch back to 32 bit the message remains and I can no longer build.

The only way to fix the problem is to delete the _C Build folder. However to do this you must restart because the build_log. txt states it is still being used by Visual Studio, even though no visual studio instance is running. 05-08-2011 02 48 AM Esenthel Administrator. I ve just tested this but don t have this problem. Can you make sure you have latest engine. pak in your SDK Data, and you re running editor from SDK Tools. What other config do you use. dx9 dx10, debug release, vs2008 2010.

05-08-2011 11 32 AM Esenthel Administrator. Oh, maybe you re using VS Express. It doesn t support 64-bit builds. Edit I ll prevent launching VS Express from trying to compile 64-bits. 05-08-2011 11 32 AM Brad_Mclain Member. Updated SDK pak, Game Path pak, both visual studio 2008 and 2010 headers with auto update tool. Did a bit more testing can confirm that the error only occurs in visual studio 2008, 2010 appears to work fine.

05-08-2011 01 51 PM Spikelife Member. I ran the Autoupdate. I use Visual Studio 2010 this happens to be the compile for MMO. I am running 2008 professional so don t think express is the problem. But they all do the same thing except I didn t test RPG 2. Where all previous builds succeeded, now any build for x64 fails on both release and debug for Dx10 and x64 regular. Win32 succeeds in all modes. All the x64 type builds for all modes fail with the following.

Quote 1 ------ Rebuild All started Project server, Configuration Debug DX10 x64 ------ 1 stdafx. cpp 1 Net Item. cpp 2 fatal error C1083 Cannot open include file stdafx. h No such file or directory 1 Net Inventory. Shared Net Inventory. Shared Net Item. h No such file or directory 1 Net Chr. Shared Net Chr. h No such file or directory 1 Client Server. Shared Client Server. h No such file or directory 1 Chr Create Request. h No such file or directory 1 Server.

Shared Chr Create Request. h No such file or directory 1 Main. h No such file or directory 1 Client. h No such file or directory 1 Generating Code. Rebuild All 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped. 05-08-2011 09 35 PM Dandruff Member. 05-08-2011 10 51 PM Spikelife Member. 05-08-2011 10 57 PM Spikelife Member. 05-09-2011 09 23 PM Esenthel Administrator. 05-09-2011 09 30 PM Spikelife Member.

05-09-2011 10 37 PM Esenthel Administrator. 05-09-2011 10 51 PM Spikelife Member. 05-10-2011 12 00 AM Driklyn Member. 05-10-2011 12 00 AM Spikelife Wrote I haven t even tried to use your code editor yet. 05-10-2011 08 25 AM Esenthel Administrator. 05-10-2011 01 09 PM Spikelife Member. Quote I use Visual Studio 2010. but I guess that wasn t specific enough.

Clearly that was a stupid assumption. So sorry -- The reason I posted here is because it sounded like the Autoupdate affected the code editor and the compiles without any user intervention; and I thought that is what caused my problem. Next time I ll make a new thread for everything. h No such file or directory 1 Account. So sorry for misinterpreting and posting a problem in the wrong place. Not sure if this is the right place to put this question, but here goes.

All the researchers in the department have SAS installed on our PCs. Setting the scene SAS datasets sit on a server and some datasets have permanent formats associated with them written with a 32 bit machine. Until a few days ago, I also had a 32 bit machine but have now swapped to a new 64 bit machine. SAS 64-bit v 9. 3 has been installed on my computer. However, if I re-do the formats using 64-bit SAS, will this then make the datasets incompatible for other users that still have the 32-bit SAS on their machines.

pdf for some hints to make the datasets useable for me, but I don t want to stuff them up for other users. You need to have different versions 32-64-bit of catalogs with same logic as long as you are using the data on different machines. Would advise to place them on a separate location. Not mixed with the datasets. Question I know that catalogs for formats are not compatible between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SAS.

In that way data shoul be accessible from both type of installations 32-64 bit. A good starting point for migration is the SAS support migration notes. Looking closer ther are two approaches used with proc migrate. b connect share With this you can have 1 version up down difference while migrating. Needing to have it supported by It-staff. a cport cimport This permanent conversion just upgrading the data. Expecting the interface to MS-Office.

Now running 64-bit SAS you will probably get more 32-64 bit issues. Yep, will keep different catalogs for the different formats. Thank you for your suggestion. You might find the FMTSEARCH option useful to have users point to different libraries containing the 32 or 64 bit versions of your custom formats. Am currently investigating this option. Maintain separate libraries or at least catalogs and use the automatic macro variables like SYSVER, SYSSCP and SYSMAXLONG to determine which one to include in your FMTSEARCH setting.

Our stats group now discussing best way to proceed until all are using 64 bit machines will happen within the next 6-12 months. SAS tips in your inbox. Subscribe to the SAS Tech Report for timely SAS tips and news delivered each month. Learn about the latest articles, videos, and code samples to keep your SAS skills fresh. Compiler Settings for Embarcadero C Builder XE3 - XE5 64-bit. This topic explains how to prepare 64-bit applications created with Embarcadero C Builder XE3 - XE5 for AQTime.

To learn how to prepare 32-bit applications created with C Builder, see Compiler Settings for Embarcadero C Builder XE3 - XE5 32-bit. Note 64-bit applications created with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3 - XE5 are not currently supported by the Allocation profiler. To learn how to prepare applications created with other C Builder versions, see Compiler Settings for Native Applications. To prepare a 64-bit Embarcadero C Builder application for AQTime, first of all, you need to make sure that it includes debug information.

Open your project in C Builder XE3, XE4 or XE5. In the tree on the left of the dialog, select the C Compiler Debugging category. To include symbolic debug information, set the Debug information option to True. Click the image to enlarge it. To set the Delphi compiler options, select the Delphi Compiler Compiling category from the tree view on the left of the dialog. Choose Project Options from the main menu to open the Project Options dialog.

In addition, to refer this information to source line numbers, set the Local symbols option to True. Optional To generate stack frames when using the Delphi compiler, set the Stack frames option to True. Switch to the C Linker category and set the Full debug information option to True. To generate a map file that contains information on the application s global symbols, source files and source line numbers, switch to the C Linker Output category and set the Map file type option to Map file with segmentsMap file with publics or Detailed segment map.

Switch to the C Shared Options category and check the Library path option. Make sure that the path contains the BDS lib PLATFORM debug folder. Once you have set the compiler and linker options correctly, rebuild your application and it will be ready for profiling. If you are profiling an ActiveX control or a COM server, you need to register its debug version in the system See Profiling COM Applications.

When your application is ready for release, remember to recompile it without debug information to reduce the application size. If you do not use the P64 directive when you compile your program, the program can only be run on a 32-bit development system, or on COBOL Server in 32-bit mode. The Compiler directive P64 enables you to create a program that can be run on a 64-bit development system or on COBOL Server in 64-bit mode.

Therefore, if you have developed an application on a 32-bit development system, you must recompile it with the P64 directive set, if you want to migrate it using COBOL Server in 64-bit mode. The P64 directive is set by default if you compile using the cob64 command, or using the cob command with the 64-bit working mode. The P64 directive is set by default if you choose 64 bit in Platform Target on the COBOL page of your build configuration options.

Compiling Programs for 64-Bit. Compteur 32 bits - 64 bits de Youtube. Je suis un peu en retard sur la nouvelle mais je viens juste de lire cet article sur la vidйo de Gagnam Style qui a fait exploser le compteur de Youtube. Bon, j ai rigolй un peu en lisant le 9,2 milliards mais ma question est plus technique. Si on m avait demandй mon avis j aurais plutфt doublй ces valeurs. Youtube indique qu un compteur 32 bits est limitй а 2 147 483 647 2 31 et qu un compteur 64 bits est limitй а 9 223 372 036 854 775 808 2 63.

Manifestement il y a quelque chose que j ignore ou que je comprends mal. On dirait qu il y a un bit qui n est pas utilisй. Quelqu un pourrait m йclairer. c est la solution de simplicitй d utiliser des nombres signйs donc la moitiй pour les nйgatifs et l autre pour le reste les positifs non nuls et 0. зa permet aussi de rendre une valeur nйgative en cas d erreur et positive en fonctionnement normal. Re Compteur 32 bits - 64 bits de Youtube. La rйponse ci-dessus est juste mais on peut la dйvelopper un peu Le problиme vient effectivement de l utilisation des nombres signйs.

En binaire, pour coder un entier tu as deux solutions les nombres signйs et non signйs. Signй veut dire qu on peut stocker des valeurs positives comme des nйgatives. En arithmйtique signйe tu as le premier bit qui sert а dйfinir si ta valeur est positive 0 ou nйgative 1. Les nombres positifs s йcrivent trиs facilement, les nйgatifs sont un peu plus subtils notion de complйment а 1, 2, etc.

Un entier signй ira de -2147483648 а 2147483647, alors qu en non signй la plage sera de 0 а 4294967295, d oщ la presque division par 2 en apparence de la borne supйrieure en signй. Quant au fait d avoir utilisй pour youtube un nombre signй pour un compteur c est une йtourderie ou une limitation du systиme de typage utilisй par leurs outils.

Derniиre modification par TotalRecall ; 05 01 2015 а 16h47. Merci de vos rйponses. Juste pour le plaisir de vйrifier ma comprйhension Le compteur йtait trop limitй, il fallait obligatoirement l augmenter. Зa, je le comprends. Youtube a choisi de passer а 64 bits, ce qui est une solution diablement efficace et йvite que le problиme ne rйapparaisse. Et quand on compare l espace requis pour une vidйo а l espace requis pour le compteur, c est certainement la meilleure solution.

Mais si je comprends bien Youtube aurait pu considйrer toutes les valeurs de son compteur 32 bits comme nйgatives par dйfaut et ajouter 2147483648 а la valeur, puis changer le signe lorsque le nombre de vues atteint cette valeur. Youtube aurait donc thйoriquement pu doubler son compteur sans augmenter le nombre de bits. Y a-t-il un problиme thйorique а cette idйe. Bien sыr, il n y a pas de problиme thйorique il y en a des pratiques au niveau de la gestion des exceptions, etc. mais c est possibleseulement quand la limite finale aurait йtй atteinte et elle l а йtй si tu dit qu il y a 9e9 vuesils auraient fait quoi.

J ai bien ri en voyant le 9,2 milliards йcrit par l auteur car la valeur а laquelle il faisait rйfйrence йtait plutфt 9 223 372 036 854 775 808. J ai ri de l erreur, sans plus. Le 9,2 milliards n a jamais йtй atteint, loin de lа. L intйrкt serait alors purement marketing annoncer une fois de plus que le compteur a atteint son maximum, donc faire parler de soi. Le plus drфle est que ca reste plausible comme valeur.

I needed to configure the three DHCP Servers. One of them was located on 64Bit Windows 2008R2 and two of them were located on 32Bit Windows 2003R2. Configuring DHCP Servers Manually on 32Bit and or 64Bit Windows Server Option 120 and Option 43. First of all, I had to copy DHCPUtil. exe and DHCPConfigSctip. The files were copied from Lync server. You can find them in C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Lync Server 2010 folder.

bat files from Lync server to my DHCP server. After that, I run DHCPUtil. com on the Lync server, and received the following output. Regular IT Guy. Output of the command gives me two options. exe -SipServer lyncsrv. Run DHCPUtil on the DHCP Server use -RunConfigScript switch Run the following command on the DHCP Server modify the path of DHCPConfigScript. bat appropriately C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Lync Server 2010 DHCPConfigScript. bat Configure MS-UC-Client 00076C796E6373727606646F6D61696E03636F6D00 4D532D55432D436C69656E74 6874747073 6C796E637372762E646F6D61696E2E636F6D 343433 2F4365727450726F762F4365727450726F766973696F6E696E67536572766963652E737663.

Option 1 is for 64Bit machined and option 2 is for 32Bit machines. On my 64Bit Windows Server 2008R2 DHCP Server, all I had to do is to run DHCPUtil. com -RunConfigScript command. And that was it, it was very simple and easy. DHCP Server is configured and ready to use. I also had Windows 2003R2 32Bit servers. This meant that I had to run the following command on my DHCP server DHCPConfigScript.

I run above command on one of the servers and everything worked great. It created all DHCP options that are needed and everything looked good. I had problem on my second server. Obviously, this is not what I needed. The script told me that command was run successfully, but it added only one option called Unknown. Yeah, I know, usually it does not help, but I wanted to try it. Well, it did not work.

I deleted the Unknown option one more time, and decided manually to create necessary options. These are the steps that I had to do. Open DHCP Server Console and right click on the server name. Click on Set Predefined Options. Click on Add button and create a new Option Type as it is shown on the picture. I deleted the Unknown option, and tried to run the same command a few more times. Now I had to check the same output that I saw before.

This shows the input for different options that have to setup manually. It shows me what I need to enter for Option 120, and sub-options 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Right click on the Server Options and click on Configure Options. Clicked OK twice and clicked on the Server Options of the DHCP Server Console. Select 120 SIP Server and enter the first set of number that you see next to the Option 120. The number should be entered in the Binary Section of the Option 120. In this case it is 00076C796E6373727606646F6D61696E03636F6D00.

The next step is to define new Vendor Class. Right click on server name in the DHCP console and select Define Vendor Classes. Enter the following Display name is MSUCClient, Description is UC Vendor Class ID. Enter MS-UC-Client in the ASCII Section. Note It did not work for me when I tried it the first time. The error told me that the MSUCClient class was, but I could not see it or use it.

I had to open Command Prompt and use the following command. netsh dhcp server delete class MSUCClient. It worked after that. Next step is to create sub-options 1 through 5. Right click on the server name in DHCP Console and select Set Predefined Options. In the Option Class select MSUCClient. Create the following five options. Click on Advanced tab and select MSUCClient in the Vendor class box.

Add options 001 through 005 exactly as we added Option 120, using the correct values that we received when we run DHCPUtil. In my case, the values are. sub-option 1 UC Identifier 4D532D55432D436C69656E74. sub-option 2 URL Scheme 6874747073. sub-option 3 Web Server FQDN 6C796E637372762E646F6D61696E2E636F6D. sub-option 4 Web Server Port 343433. sub-option 5 Relative Path for Cert Prov 2F4365727450726F762F43657274.

Close Predefined Options and Values dialog box. Please note that I run this command on the Lync server, not on DHCP servers. Garmin Connect IQ. Make Your Mark. Building unique wearable experiences leveraging Garmin device sensors and features is easy with Connect IQ. Using available APIs and ANT profiles, the apps you build will be exposed to millions of customers who rely on our purpose-driven devices.

Go on, make your mark. With a familiar language, a variety of app types and a helpful SDK, you will engage your customers in new and exciting ways. Latest Version Connect IQ 3. Updated September 01, 2020 1 22 PM. API Documentation Programmer s Guide How to Submit Your App. Build with Connect IQ. Audio Content Provider Apps Data Fields Device Apps Widgets Watch Faces Audio Content Provider Apps Sync audio content from third-party providers Manage downloaded audio content Customize audio content playback experience Data Fields Customize built-in features Present activity information in a new, creative way Access the ANT sensors and ANT generic channel Capture, display, record and share data with FIT recording Device Apps Get extended access to the wearable device Read and record the FIT file Access accelerometer Access the ANT sensors and ANT generic channel Leverage GPS and sensor data Use BLE to communicate with mobile phones Internet Capture, display, record and share data with FIT recording Connect to authenticated web services through OAuth Widgets Provide information at a glance Add custom cards to the main carousel Respond to user interaction and create custom interfaces Access the ANT sensors and ANT generic channel Leverage GPS and sensor data Use BLE to communicate with mobile phones Internet Connect to authenticated web services through OAuth Watch Faces Customize the default watch face Build colorful, always-on watch faces Use drawing tool kit, custom fonts and custom bitmaps.

See What s Possible. Receive insights, seek advice and discuss your ideas with other Connect IQ developers in our forums. Join the Garmin Connect IQ developer program to be notified about new versions of the Connect IQ SDK as well as tips and tricks from the experts. COPA-DATA Blog. Visual Basic for Applications version 7. 1, 32Bit and 64 Bit. The next version of zenon will be available in 32 and 64 bit. Therefore the included Visual Basic for Applications package will be upgraded from the 6.

1 32 and 64Bit. When using the 32Bit version of zenon none of the existing code needs to be modified, workspace and runtime projects can stay the way they are. When using the 64 Bit version of zenon, VBA 7. 1 will also run in 64 Bit mode. To differentiate between the 32 and 64 Bit version quite a few keywords, defines and declarations have been introduced to VBA.

Any existing API declarations have to be modified in order to be used in 64 Bit mode. For example the API-function FindWindow which can be used to find a window by use of its class name and window name used to be defined like this in a 32Bit VBA project. Private DeclareFunction FindWindow Lib USER32 Alias FindWindowA ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String As Long. Whereas the 64 Bit version of this declaration needs to be. Private Declare PtrSafe Function FindWindow Lib USER32 Alias FindWindowA ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String As LongPtr.

NOTE The 64 Bit declaration will work for the 32 Bit version mode of VBA 7. Since Microsoft currently does not include a 64Bit version of the Microsoft Common Controlsobjects from this package cannot be used in the 64 Bit mode. This package includes the CommonDialog-Controls often used for File-Open and Color-Picking -Dialogs. Additions and mixing.

Microsoft introduced two new conditional compilation constants VBA7 and Win64. The VBA7 constant can be used to determine whether the project is running under VBA7 or on an older version. This constant is useful for backwards compatibility, and prevents the requirement for separate pre-7 and 7 -versions of custom created classes. If VBA7 Then Use VBA7 functionality Else Stick to old VBA solution End If.

The Win64 constant enables a separation between the 32 and 64 bit version of VBA and can be used to ensure that code is only executed when VBA runs in the correct mode. But to take full advantage of the available memory and hardware the 64 Bit version is obviously the better choice. exe wscript. cscript runs entirely in the command line and is ideal for non-interactive scripts. Run a VBScript Windows Scripting Host WSH script.

wscript will popup Windows dialogue boxes for user interaction. The VB Script scripting environment is installed by default on Windows 98 and all later versions of Windows. Like many programs, cscript. exe will by default run as a 64 bit process on a 64 bit Operating System or it will run as a 32 bit process on a 32 bit Operating System. If your VBScript has any dependency on external programs, database connections etc this can make a difference. To run a VBScript as a 32 bit process from a 64 bit OS use C Windows SysWOW64 cscript.

exe C scripts demo. Call one VBScript from another. This can be done as shown below, although it is often better to put everything in a single script and use Functions to split up the blocks of code. Set objShell CreateObject WScript. Shell objShell. run cscript C scripts demo. Run the VB script called myscript. C cscript myscript. If the line above is saved as a batch script, double clicking the batch file will run the VBScript file.

Throw a lucky man in the sea, and he will come up with a fish in his mouth. Exec - execute command. Iq option best 95 perfect signal indicator - Run an external Command. ShellExecute - Run an application in the Windows Shell. Quit - Quit a VBScript. Releases and Downloads. The curl project mostly provides source packages. Other packages are kindly provided by external persons and organizations. Source Archives. 0Released on the 19th of August 2020.

Changelog for 7.

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