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If you have newer archives or archives for platforms not already present in this table, we d like to add them to this table with a pointer to your location. Mail curl-release and tell us. Official curl docker images. More information on metalink downloads is available from www. The official curl docker images are available on Docker Hub curlimages curl. 0 Linux Guix i386 7.

0 OpenIndiana Syllable Syllable 7. 3 binary sco. 0 binary Chocolatey Windows 64 bit 7. ReadMe Last Published June 8, 2017. Any updates to these notes will be available at www. Thank you for using IDERA DBArtisan, the award winning DBA tool for enterprise-wide database administration. Before you use DBArtisan, please read the following information.

What s New in DBArtisan. DBArtisan empowers you to manage all of your critical databases running on current versions of IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase and Teradata systems, from a single, consistent, user-friendly interface. Extract, Migrate, and Report Functionality Completed for Oracle Object Types Added in 16. DBArtisan 16. 6 is updated to include migration support, schema extractions, and reporting for the object types added in this release as well as the following object types added but not fully completed in DBArtisan 16.

Resource Consumer Groups. Supports Additional Oracle Object Types. DBArtisan also includes support for the following schema object types. NOTE This release does not include the implementation of the following Oracle features. Improved Explain Plan Support. 6 now allows you to view Explain Plans using DBMS_XPLAN formatting as well as manage the columns for your query explain plans.

Some DBAs can comprehend Explain Plan output faster in the DBMS_XPLAN format rather than in a tree or graphical view. This option in DBArtisan helps those users improve efficiency and efficacy. When managing which columns appear in the results, an easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly hide show columns, change the order in which the columns appear in the explain plan, and to save the settings so that you can share with orders who are interested in the same format.

Adds Support for DB2 LUW 11 and Sybase 16. DBArtisan includes support for DB2 LUW 11 and Sybase 16. DBArtisan requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later. IDERA recommends the following minimum hardware requirements. 1 GHz or faster CPU 1 GB of RAM 1 GB of free disk space 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8.

DBArtisan supports the following operating systems. Windows 7 Support Notes - Windows 7 provides two user types Standard users and Administrators. 1 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Server 2012 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Server 2012 R2 32-bit and 64-bit. For version control integration, if you install the 64-bit version of DBArtisan, you can work with either a 32-bit or 64-bit MSSCCI provider.

The feature is controlled from the Options Editor s Version Control tab File Options General Version Control. DBArtisan provides dedicated connectivity to a specific version range of IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, IBM DB2 for z OS, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, and Teradata databases. The following connectivity options are provided.

Native drivers - DBArtisan is packaged with a set of native drivers, each requiring a DBMS-specific client to be installed. One or more third-party drivers, tested against DBArtisan, are installed with DBArtisan. For each platform, it lists supported versions, the client software that must be installed if using native IDERA clients, and the third-party, Type 4 JDBC drivers packaged with DBArtisan.

DBMS Platform. Supported Versions. Client Required for use with Native IDERA Drivers. Packaged JDBC Driver. Source License. DB2 UDB Client for Windows 8. IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC. IBM DB2 LUW Client for Windows 8. Microsoft SQL Server. IBM DB2 for LUW. 2008 2012 2014. Microsoft SQL Server Client Library. jTDS Type 4 JDBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver.

LGPL source license. MySQL Connector ODBC Driver 5. MySQL Connector J JDBC Driver. 9i10g11gand 12c. Oracle SQL Net Client. Oracle JDBC Thin Driver. 4 Specifically-supported PostgreSQL-based database products include GreenplumPivotal HAWQ, and BigSQL. PostgreSQL ODBC Driver latest version recommended. PostgreSQL JDBC Driver. Sybase Open Client. jTDS Type 4 JDBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server Sybase jConnect JDBC Driver. SQL Anywhere ODBC drivers for Sybase IQ 12. 7 Sybase IQ 32-bit ODBC drivers.

Sybase jConnect JDBC Driver for Sybase IQ. About Technical Previews - Technical previews are intended to introduce a new DBMS platform only. The available functionality is typically minimal. For example, command Line startup, standard datasource registration and connection features, limited Datasource Navigator tree functionality, a minimal set of object actions, as well as SQL Editor execution and related, common SQL Editor functionality such as Query Options, Paste SQL Syntax, and Paste SQL Statement.

IDERA Team Server 2016 Support. DBArtisan can make use of datasource definitions stored on an IDERA Team Server 2016. DBArtisan can connect to a datasource using a customer-provided, third-party JDBC version 4. IBM DB2 for z OS Stored Procedure Requirements. When working against an IBM DB2 for z OS data source, DBArtisan relies on the following stored procedures, provided as an optional installation step in setting up the DB2 subsystem. Prior to using DBArtisan against an IBM DB2 for z OS data source, ensure that these components are installed on the server.

DBArtisan is no longer being tested against Sybase ASE versions before 15. Team Server 2016 Installation and Configuration. Team Server 2016 must be installed and configured in order to get its Datasource and Credential Synchronization in DBArtisan. You can find all the information for installing Team Server 2016 in Install and Configure Team Server 2016. Team Server URL must be also configured in DBArtisan. For that, add the Team Server URL in Tools Options.

Team Server. If DBArtisan crashes after connecting to a MySQL data source. Close DBArtisan. In some situations the Database Monitor may prompt to connect to an already connected datasource if auto-connect is not enabled for that datasource. When you are using the Debugger. o The Debugger windows Variables, Watch, CallStackDependency cannot be undocked. o When running Windows XP SP2, SQL Server 2000 Iq option brasil login is required on both the client and the server.

o When running the Debugger on SQL Server 2005 CLIENTS. Verify that the file ssdebugps. NET heading from Microsoft to reconfigure the DCOM settings on your client machine support. com en -us kb 833977. o When using the IDERA Sybase debugger against a Sybase database with multiple temporary databases supported in Sybase ASE 12. To bind the IDERA Sybase Debugger. sp_tempdb bindapSybase DebuggerDB.

To bind the user. sp_tempdb bindlg, DB. In addition, to use the BCP in a Sybase-to-Sybase migration, the user must be logged in as System Administrator or the select into bulkcopy pllsort database option must be true on the target catalog. If this option is false on the target catalog, BCP will not appear as a data movement option for non-system users.

The BCP bulk copy data movement option is disabled for cross-platform migration. DBArtisan is currently unable to create table names, column names, and check constraint names longer than 18 characters on an OS390 mainframe database. On SQL Server 2005, the Browser component is disabled by default. With this service disabled, in DBArtisan you cannot reference SQL Server instances by name, only by port number.

If you want the ability to reference SQL Server instances by name, you must enable this service on the server. Customer-reported bugs fixed for the DBArtisan 16. View Extraction sometimes works but will cause the application to crash or be in a hung status. SQL Assist Code complete is enabled but does not display suggested columns. Comment lines not showing in the transaction logs.

SQL Editor Explain plan is not displaying all the steps for a parallel DML. DBArtisan 2016 when extract SQL for a GLOBAL index it gets converted to a LOCAL index in the extraction. Sybase User Object Editor crashes. Oracle passwords are not taking during new user creation. Extracting view definition showing invalid columns. DBArtisan discovers a data source multiple times and adds it with a new extension. Oracle extract is not pulling complete information and is giving a message, AS LANGUAGE C NAMELIBRARY.

Just upgraded to DBArtisan 2016 9. 5 and on my Oracle connection I cannot see the parameters for an instance. Copying the connection description for an AWS connection to Oracle the program core dumps and exits. Last datasource registered using a TNSNames alias does not show in list. Create like function not working properly.

SQL Editor Code Complete Auto complete feature fails to function properly, nothing appears after period. Proc Missing Defines Test gives an error message. Customer-reported bugs fixed for the DBArtisan 2016 16. Login Dialog crash. Data Source Navigator Occasional crashes when expanding databases node from the datasource navigator.

Data Cache After Preview statements are in the wrong order. BNF CBufferedOutputRouter crash. Oracle Extract Role Extracting DDL a role, the users assigned to the role are no longer included. Sybase Parsers Batch delimiter go on its own is treated as procedure instead of empty statement. Crash Report DBArtisan crashes while outputting sql results. DBMS Actions Cannot create insert statements from a particular table. Error establishing a debugger session with the server.

Extraction issue XML INLINE LENGTH and compression not recognized. Customer-reported bugs fixed for the DBArtisan 2016. Case Number 00455434 Invalid column name systemwide password expiration. Enhancement Change fillfactor default value to prevent space consumption and performance issues on index rebuild. DBA-33150 BCBSVT SQL Editor Application crashes during SQL Editor session. DBA-33150 Enhancement Improve the exception handling in case of driver blowing up.

DBA-33150 ISQL Nomura crashes. Find a solution to the random crashes experienced by customers. DBMS Object Management Crash and inoperative state with views. Oracle 11g and higher already has a PLAN_TABLE installed. Analysts Unable to run an analysis report. Provide support for SQL PLUS script commands. Enhancement Functions Some objects do leave out the schema name in the CREATE. Customer case 00443195 Schedule of Capacity Analyst does not work on machines with Windows in Spanish.

DBMS Object Management Database option allow incremental dumps is not shown for Sybase 15. Edit Data Copy-Paste from Edit Data grid returns weird characters. Schema extraction publication Can t execute schema extraction and schema publication with some DBMS. In Edit Data, the DELETE of a row is not actually performed in the table. Enhancement Migrate Database object is misleading. DBMS Object Management Can t exchange a table partition.

Unable to kill sessions from the Lock tab in Database monitoring. Analyst update error on Oracle datasources ORA-01031 insufficient privileges. Utilities No records are migrated with migrated feature. ISQL Crashes in Isql when running multiple scripts. DBMS Actions Tables based on materialized views do not get extracted with the appropriate unique index.

JDBC Procedures Smallint being treated as bit datatype. Crash Sybase IQ customer crashes. Customer-reported bugs fixed for the DBArtisan 2016 release. Lapsed time clock at the bottom of a Query Results tab iq option brasil login no longer works. File Execution Facility After row 43, Dates are being returned as zeros. Regression DMBS Actions Hide time portion of DATE datatype if zero option suppresses the time portion for all rows, iq option brasil login if they have non-zero times.

Schema Extraction When extracting or compiling Function, the comments are missing from Function. DBMS Actions Ability to name output file. Not consistently opening SQL files from location set in Directories option for User SQL Scripts. Request support for Excel 2007. Editor results Request for support for the option to save the result in Excel binary format, extension xlsb. Wrong database device size is displayed in Explorer window.

Customer case 00430700 The application generates a corrupt xlsx file when importing results to Excel. Tools Ability to save a. csv file from results where all the fields are enclosed in double quotes. 508 compliance for the application JAWS incorrectly reads the drop-down options that have separators. All IDERA products include a 14-day trial period. For information on licensing your product, refer to the Installation Guide. If you have not yet purchased this product, contact sales idera.

IDERA Product Support. Licensing Your IDERA Product. The IDERA Web site is an excellent source for additional product information, including white papers, articles, discussion forums, and the IDERA Knowledge Base. IDERA Technical Support. If you have a valid maintenance contract with IDERA, the Technical Support team is available to assist you with any problems you have with our applications.

Our maintenance contract also entitles registered users of IDERA products to download free software upgrades during the active contract period. We encourage you to open technical support cases via the Customer Support Center. For additional information about IDERA Technical Support, visit the Support section of our Web site. Glad it was useful. Dirk Verheijke 13-Dec-16 21 15 Nice article clarifying a lot of questions about this unclear matter.

I will bookmark it. Sundeep Kamath 13-Dec-16 21 40. Sign In View Thread Re My vote of 5. Article Copyright 2016 by Sundeep Kamath Everything else Copyright CodeProject, 1999-2020. Sign In View Thread Last Visit 14-Sep-20 3 06 Last Update 14-Sep-20 3 06 Refresh 1. Dell Bulks Up EqualLogic Arrays With All-Flash Storage Option, SAN-NAS And 64-Bit OS. Dell on Tuesday enhanced its Dell EqualLogic storage family with a new model that can be ordered as an all-flash or a hybrid flash and hard drive array, along with the line s first 64-bit operating system and improved unified SAN and NAS capabilities.

The six models in the new Dell EqualLogic PS6210 array family, along with the other enhancements, come after similar updates in October to the Dell Compellent FS8600. Dell claims that its new EqualLogic PS6210 array family in an all-flash configuration offers the performance to handle 90 percent of all high-performance applications. Those enhancements, introduced on opening day of the Dell World conference in Austin, Texas, are aimed at helping customers adopt the latest technologies such as flash storage while keeping costs under control, said Bob Fine, director of product management for Dell storage.

From an EqualLogic standpoint, we ve addressed both performance and cost in a significant way with all-flash storage solutions priced at a lower cost than disk storage, and by adding management tools to make administration easier and let customers manage a much bigger solution with equal or less management time, Fine said.

In the process, Dell has made it easier for solution providers to take on the EqualLogic storage line, said Patrick Mulvee, partner at Sidepath, an Irvine, Calif. -based solution provider and long-time partner with Dell s Compellent line. Sidepath came to Dell when Dell in 2011 acquired Compellent, and is has since adopted the Dell PowerVault storage line as well but has done little EqualLogic storage, Mulvee said. Lots of startups are knocking on the doors of our customers to talk about flash storage, he said.

The additions to the EqualLogic line give customers a chance to work with a company like Dell, which they know is not going away. And it s definitely a chance for us to do more with EqualLogic. the older DDR-2 technology. More importantly, Fine said, The Dell EqualLogic PS6210 was designed to take advantage of flash memory. In an all-flash configuration, he said, eight nodes with 24 SSDs each, all clustered together into a single peer group, can offer over 1 million IOPS of performance.

NEXT Pricing Flash Arrays At The Cost Of Disk Storage. Dell s Fine said that the new Dell EqualLogic offering provides flash storage at the price of disk thanks to the use of new 800-GB SSDs from Milpitas, Calif. -based SanDisk. It s a mixed-use SLC drive, positioned between competitive read-intensive and write-intensive SSDs, he said. Customers can also configure how much flash and disk storage they have based on their applications, he said. A single EqualLogic PS6210 can be configured with up to 24 SSDs, giving it a performance of about 30,000 IOPS, Fine said.

So for the first time, we can bring to customers a cost-per-IOP that is less than that of spinning disks. To get that with spinning disks, you would need 96 15,000-rpm drives on four nodes, which would take much more space and power while increasing latency, he said. Fine admitted that 30,000 IOPS per 24-bay shelf is not the highest-performing flash storage solution available, but said that Dell is very competitive against the all-flash array startups in the market.

The proof is in the pudding, he said. With a 30,000 IOPS architecture, the arrays will handle 90 percent of customers existing applications. And the production volume of the newer competitors is very low. Dell has over 60,000 EqualLogic and Compellent arrays already installed in the market and is generating 1,000 new customers every month, Fine said. Customers know we re enterprise-ready, they know we offer the right support, and they know we also have all the software capabilities including replication, snapshots and integration with third-party applications.

Sidepath s Mulvee agreed with Fine that the new Dell EqualLogic PS6210 will hit about 90 percent of the performance storage market. And you know that Dell has amazing buying power and will pass cost savings on to customers, he said. That s all bad news for the smaller flash storage vendors. Also new from Dell this week is Array Software 7. 0, the first 64-bit operating system for Dell EqualLogic. Array Software 7. 0 also allows policy-based access control, Fine said. Before, each storage volume needed to be individually configured for policies, he said.

That took a lot of time to do. It s very easy to configure. And if there are any changes, just make the change once and it is applied to all the volumes. Customers can now set one profile and assign it to whichever volume they want. Dell also unveiled SAN Headquarters 3. 0, a new management software that watches the metadata of transactions and automatically reports any potential issues.

Dell is also extending its Fluid File System version 3, or FluidFS v3, which provides high-performance, scalable file NAS capabilities, to the Dell EqualLogic line, Fine said. FluidFS v3 gives Dell EqualLogic a unified SAN-NAS capability along with advanced deduplication capabilities featuring variable block size and policy-based control, he said. The new Dell EqualLogic PS6210 family of storage arrays features a newly designed controller and a 24-drive-per-enclosure architecture, Fine said.

Compared to Dell s previous EqualLogic arrays, it has double the cache and four times the memory, and it now features DDR-3 memory vs. Dell Windows 10 Pro Sp1 64 Bit OS Restore Recovery DVD Disc. Easy to install. Get it by Fri, Oct 2 - Thu, Oct 8 from Phoenix, Arizona Brand New condition No returns, but backed by eBay Money back guarantee. Not like other Dell Recovery CDs. This disk does not let you install Windows 10 from scratch like all other Dell Windows CDs did all the way back to XP they would all allow you to install Windows from scratch but not this one.

I think that should be in the ad to be honest. This does not work. unless I m assuming you have Windows 10 already installed with a recovery partition. Have not used. Have not used, looks brand new. Got what was promised. win 10 recovery disk. You ad does not say its only works with a computer that already has windows 10 Will not work. Not a OS that is easy to make clean install.

Could not use this with my computers. Not recommended. Current slide of - Best Selling in Operating Systems. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - FQC-09131 32 64-bit, Download. Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit Software - FQC08930. Best Selling in Operating Systems. Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit Software KW9-00140. Microsoft Windows 10 Home USB Flash Drive. Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Full Version for Windows FQC-08788. Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2016 64-bit DVD - P7307113.

Windows 10 Professional Pro 64-Bit OEM Software. Save on Operating Systems. Current slide of - Save on Operating Systems. Windows 10 Home FULL US Version 32 64 Bit, USB 3. 0, New Factory Sealed. MICROSOFT Windows Server Standard 2016, 64-Bit product key 16 core. Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Professional SP1 64 Bit ENG 1pk DSP OEM DVD. Microsoft Windows 10 Home USB 3. 0 32-BIT 64-BIT Full Version FQC-00017 Sealed. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard OEM 2 CPU 2 VM Base License P73-06165.

Microsoft Windows KW9-00475 10 HOME 32 64 Bit USB Flash Drive. Tipos de Gráfico Cuál Escoger. Cómo Retirar Fondos De Tu Cuenta. If you have Windows Server 2003there are two methods to determine whether you are running a 32-bit or a 64-bit version. If one does not work, try the other. Determine 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Server 2003 Version. Click Start, and then click Run. The operating system is displayed as follows. Click the General tab.

Additional note For a 64-bit version operating system Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition appears under System. cpl, and then click OK. For a 32-bit version operating system Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition appears under System. Method 2 View System Information window. Click Start, and then click Run 2. exe, and then click OK. When System Summary is selected in the navigation pane, locate Processor under Item in the details pane. Note the value. Additional note If the value that corresponds to Processor starts with x86, the computer is running a 32-bit version of Windows.

If the value that corresponds to Processor starts with EM64T or ia64, the computer is running a 64-bit version of Windows. Method 1 View System Properties in Control Panel. Type winmsd. Determining If Your Computer is 32-Bit or 64-Bit. How do I determine if I have a 32-bit or 64-bit system. The information in this article applies to. In this article, we will explain how to determine if your system is a 32-Bit or 64-Bit system.

Please select the option that is applicable to your operating system. To determine system type for macOS. Open the Apple menu and choose About This Mac. Click the System Report button. Under the Hardware panel, locate the Processor Name in the Hardware Overview. To determine system type for Windows. On the keyboard, hold down the Windows Key and press the letter R.

If you do not see a System Report button, click the More Info button and then click the System Report button. In the System Information dialog that displays, on the System Summary panel, look for the line that says System Type. In the Run dialog that displays, type in msinfo32 and click OK. Use the chart below to identify your processor type. System Type x64-based PC means that you have a 64-bit system.

System Type x86-based PC means that you have a 32-bit system. InstallShield is a 32-bit application that runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Developing and Building Installations on 32-Bit vs. In some cases, InstallShield behaves differently, depending on whether you are using it on a 32-bit system or a 64-bit system; you may also encounter differences depending on which operating system you are using. Note that like InstallShieldthe command-line build ISCmdBld. The following sections explain these differences.

exethe Standalone Build, and the automation interface are also 32-bit applications. Therefore, the same platform-specific differences occur for these tools. Loading the Automation Interface. The automation interface is a 32-bit interface; therefore, it must be loaded from a 32-bit process. If iq option brasil login are using the automation interface on a 64-bit machine, you may need to load the automation interface through a 32-bit executable file. Adding System Files to Your Project.

Otherwise, you may encounter errors. If you are using InstallShield on a 64-bit system and you want to manually add to your project a system file that is located in the 64-bit System folder System32 on your development machine, consider using the Components view or the Setup Design view instead of the Files and Folders view.

On 64-bit systems, the System32 folder is reserved for 64-bit applications. 64-Bit Systems. When you try to view your development machine s 64-bit System folder from within the Files and Folders view in InstallShieldWindows redirects the view to instead display the SysWOW64 folder the 32-bit version of the folder. You can use the Components view or the Setup Design view to work around this redirection and instead see the contents of the actual 64-bit System32 folder.

The following instructions explain how. To add a system file through the Components view or the Setup Design view on a development system that has 64-bit Windows Vista or later or 64-bit Windows Server 2008 or later. Expand the node that contains the component that you want to contain the system file. Depending on what project type you are using, click the Files node or the Static File Links node under that component node.

The Open dialog box opens. Specify the following path but replace the drive letter with the applicable drive letter if appropriate. Right-click the Files pane and then click Add. Select the appropriate file that you want to add to your project, and then click the Open button. InstallShield adds the file to your project.

InstallShield uses the Sysnative folder as part of the path for the source file that you added. Microsoft KB 942589 adds Sysnative support to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 machines. This procedure works on development and build machines that have 64-bit Windows Vista or later or 64-bit Windows Server 2008 or later. It may also work on machines that have 64-bit Windows XP or 64-bit Windows Server 2003 if the hotfix that is available in Microsoft KB 942589 is applied.

Use of the Sysnative folder is not supported on 32-bit machines. If you use the Sysnative folder in an InstallShield project on a 64-bit system that has Sysnative support but then you try to build a release in that InstallShield project on a system that does not have Sysnative support, InstallShield generates one or more build errors or warnings informing you that it could not find the source file. If you are using the automation interface with InstallShield or the Standalone Build to create, edit, or build an installation on a 64-bit machine that has Sysnative support, you can use the Sysnative folder in paths when you are specifying the source folder for system files that are in the 64-bit System folder.

Note that in many cases, including system files in an installation is not recommended, since the system folder is protected by Windows. In these cases, the preferred way to deliver and update system files is to use a Microsoft merge module, if one is available for the technology, or to have end users obtain the updates through Windows Update. Extracting COM Data from 64-Bit COM Servers. If you want to extract COM data from a 64-bit COM server at design time or at build time, you must be using InstallShield on a 64-bit operating system.

If you use InstallShield on a 32-bit system, 64-bit COM extraction is not available. Scanning 64-Bit Files for Dependencies. If you use the dependency scanners in InstallShield to help you identify dependencies that you may need to add to your project, these scanners can check 64-bit files in your project for dependencies only if you are using InstallShield on a 64-bit operating system. If you are using InstallShield on a 32-bit system, the dependency scanners in InstallShield cannot check 64-bit files in your project for dependencies.

To add 64-bit dependencies to a project on a 32-bit system, consider manually adding the required files and merge modules to your project. Scanning 64-Bit. To learn about scanning files for dependencies, see Identifying Application Dependencies. NET Assemblies for Dependencies and Properties. NET assemblies in your project. If you use InstallShield on a 64-bit version of Windows Vista or later or a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 or later, and you use one of the built-in methods for detecting dependencies, InstallShield can scan for 64-bit dependencies of the 64-bit.

These methods also scan for 32-bit dependencies of the 32-bit. Note that if you use InstallShield on a 32-bit version of Windows, these built-in scans can check for only 32-bit dependencies of the 32-bit files in iq option brasil login project. If your project includes 64-bit files, you can manually add any dependencies to the project as needed. Using 64-Bit. To learn more, see iq option brasil login following. NET Installer Classes and COM Interop.

Digital pregnancy tests are almost as powerful as the original IBM PC. A lot of computer to read an old-fashioned pee strip. Share All sharing options for Digital pregnancy tests are almost as powerful as the original IBM PC. A digital pregnancy test teardown. foone Twitter. Pregnancy tests used to be fairly simple sticks you peed on, but the move to digital versions has transformed them into tiny computers almost as powerful as the original IBM PC. Fascinated by the digital era of pregnancy tests, Twitter users foone and xtoff recently pulled apart examples from Walmart and Clearblue to reveal what s really going on inside.

Each test, which costs less than 5, includes a processor, RAM, a button cell battery, and a tiny LCD screen to display the result. The processor is an 8-bit Holtek microcontroller with 64 bytes of RAM, capable of running at either 4Mhz or 8Mhz depending on the battery configuration. That might sound very basic, but the chip is surprisingly complicated.

You might think it s very limited because it s only got 64 bytes of RAM, but it s actually using a pipelined architecture to operate at 1 instruction per cycle, giving it quite good performance for a 4Mhz CPU, explains Foone in a fascinating Twitter thread. So, with it open, we ve got a single PCB here. There s some kind of pill-looking thing to the left, a little LCD screen, and a I can see a battery on the other side. Foone speculates that this device is probably faster at number crunching and basic I O than the CPU used in the original IBM PC.

IBM s original PC was based on Intel s 8088 microprocessor, an 8-bit chip that operated at 5Mhz. The difference here is that this is a pregnancy test you pee on and then throw away. You might assume that the addition of an LCD screen and processor to digitize this pregnancy test improves the accuracy or modernizes how the test works, but that s certainly not the case.

This digital pregnancy test still includes a paper strip to measure the chemical reaction you create when urinating on the strip. So, flipping it over, we ve got a battery on the left, an IC, and a long paper strip. The paper strip inside acts like a wick so when it gets wet it activates the battery and powers the device on. The device then uses three LEDs and two photosensors to read the lines on the paper strip that usually provide a pregnancy test result.

The processor, RAM, battery, and LCD display literally exist to read a paper strip and improve the clarity of a test by displaying pregnant or not pregnant on the display instead of the usual lines that can be difficult to read. Unfortunately the chip inside isn t programmable, so there s no feasible way people can get Doom to run on these digital pregnancy tests. I d recommend reading foone s full Twitter thread as it s a fascinating teardown.

While these digital pregnancy tests seem like an incredible waste of plastic and electronics, I m just thankful humanity has moved on from injecting frogs with urine to verify pregnancies. If you do a search for dism. DISM for Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit. DISM is a command-line Microsoft tool for Windows 7 8 2008 2012. exe you will find many posts of people using it to reduce the size of their WinSxS folder, especially after installing SP1.

There is a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of this tool. The actual command to do this cleanup is dism. exe online cleanup-image spsuperseded. So, you are sitting at the console of a Windows 2008 R2 x64 server, and you want to run this utility. Chances are, you will try to use the dism. However, if you do so, you may encounter the following error message Error 11 You cannot service a running 64-bit operating system with a 32-bit version of DISM.

exe that is listed inside the c Windows SysWow64 folder. Please use the version of DISM that corresponds to your computer s architecture. In order to run this properly, you need to go directly to the native system folder to run this tool on a 64 bit system. Open command prompt window as administrator Run as. Change directory by typing cd windows system32 Run the command dism. This will take about ten minutes to run.

Please note that even after the progress bar reaches 100. 0the tool has not finished running. Do NOT close the command prompt window until you get the message The operation completed successfully. What is the result of running this tool. I ran this on a Windows 2008 R2 SBS 2011 server, and it reduced the size of the WinSxS folder from 10. Not very drastic if you ask me. However, if you are running out of disk space on your server system drive, this might buy you some needed room.

Not with today s disk sizes. DISM stands for D eployment I mage S ervicing and M anagement. The main program. Mono Linux OSX. 4 20 th December 2019. Run the server. Go to Tools Options to configure the program. Main Changes. Mobile reports were not loading Network connections would keep resetting under Mono 6. 0 Ground vehicles transmitting DF18 CF1 can now be tracked User notes now available on map page User tag now available on reports. Previous versions can be downloaded from the Version History page.

You can join the Virtual Radar Server Announcements Google Group or follow VRadarServer to be notified whenever a new version is ready for download. Virtual Radar Server. The 64-bit version uses more memory than the 32-bit version and cannot load 32-bit third party libraries, which means that features that rely on those libraries will not work. However, the 64-bit version is preferable if you have feeds with many thousands of aircraft. Most Windows users should stick with the 32-bit version.

There is no Mono 64-bit version because Mono will always run VRS in 32-bits on 32-bit operating systems and 64-bits on 64-bit operating systems. There are no special 64-bit versions of the plugins, they will work unchanged under both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the server. The default install folder for the normal version of the server is C Program Files x86 VirtualRadar whereas the 64-bit version installs into C Program Files VirtualRadar.

If you are installing a plugin on a computer that has both the 32- and 64-bit versions of the server installed then pay special attention to the install folder for the plugin, make sure you enter the correct one. If you want the plugin installed for both servers then you need to install it twice, once for each server installation. 4 31 st July 2016.

Translations of the user interface for the server, the plugins and the web site. Web site translations are included in the standard Virtual Radar Server installation. 64-bit Version. You do not need to install the language pack to obtain these translations but you can keep them up-to-date using the language pack. The following languages are supported. 4 Português do Brasil Brazilian Portuguese 2.

2 Français French 2. 4 Deutsche German 2. 4 Русский Russian. 2 Chinese 2. Adds a web-based user interface to monitor and configure the server. 1 11 th June 2018. Support for new server settings Did not load properly when host was using de-CH region. Quick Configuration Instructions. Only administrator users can access the plugin. The first step is to create an administrator user.

Via the User Interface. Run the server and go to Tools Options. Click on the Web Server Administrators section and ensure that at least one user is marked as an administrator if you do not have any users configured then click the Users section to create one. Start the server in headless mode and pass two switches to create and or configure a user as an administrator. Via the Command Line. Mono users mono VirtualRadar. exe -nogui -createAdmin name -password password Windows users VirtualRadar.

exe -nogui -createAdmin name -password password. Note that there is no space after the colon in -createAdmin and -password. Once an administrator user has been created you can start the server in headless mode using the -nogui switch. Once the server is running you can access the Web Admin pages at. Accessing the Web Admin Pages. Replace 127. 1 with the address and port number, if appropriate of the site.

Note that by default the plugin only accepts requests from local loopback and LAN addresses. If you are running the server in GUI mode then you can reach the web admin pages by clicking Tools Pluginsthen click the Options button for the Web Admin plugin and click the link in the bottom-left corner of the dialog. sqb database file. Saves flight records and optionally aircraft details to a BaseStation. This plugin is for users who do not have a Kinetics radio but want to be able to run the reports.

It creates and updates a database that uses the same schema as Kinetic s BaseStation. Updated for version 2. 4 of the server Support for configuring via the web admin plugin. After installation go to Tools Pluginsclick Options against the Database Writer plugin and tick the Enabled box. If you are starting a new database from scratch Enter a filename for the database and click Create Database.

If you are using an existing database Remove the tick from Only update databases that this plugin created and enter the path to the existing database. Adds support for deep customisation of the Virtual Radar Server web site. There is documentation for this plugin. sqb aircraft records. Editing records created by the lookup for missing aircraft could lead to the lookup overwriting them afterwards even when it is told not to.

3 27 th July 2019. Caches tiles from Leaflet tile servers. Lets admin users edit BaseStation. This plugin keeps a local copy of the tiles that are downloaded from tile servers and serves those copies when available. Aside from improving map load times and reducing the burden on tile servers it can also be used to provide map tiles when VRS is not connected to the Internet with the caveat that the tiles would have to have been cached while VRS had an Internet connection.

Disables the audio features within Virtual Radar Server. 4 of the plugin API. A handful of users have had problems when VRS tries to enumerate over the text-to-speech voices installed on the system. This plugin stops VRS from doing anything with the Windows text-to-speech sub-system. The plugin has no configuration options. To re-enable the audio features of the program just uninstall the plugin using the Windows Control Panel. Disables the UPnP features within Virtual Radar Server.

A handful of users have had problems when VRS tries to use the Windows UPnP COM interface. This plugin stops VRS from doing anything with the Windows UPnP sub-system. To re-enable the UPnP features of the program just uninstall the plugin using the Windows Control Panel. 0 11th March 2012. A Windows 7 desktop gadget that shows details of the aircraft closest to you. Windows Vista Windows 7.

Fixed a bad memory leak. Resolved the problems with ugly text appearing if the gadget lost connection to Virtual Radar Server. Added operator and silhouette flags to the docked view. Added an indication of heading and bearing to the docked view. Added support for configuring the units used for distances, heights and speeds. Added a flyout view.