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999 Gaysorn Building, 5th Floor, Unit 5B-1, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Patumwan Bangkok, 10330 Thailand. 66 0 2 624 0642 International 44-20-8144-0004. Online Forex Trading Signals. Peter - New York City, USA. Ordinary HEPA filters can only filter 0. 3 micron particles and larger. IQAir s HyperHEPA technology filters the smallest airborne particles that exist. More than 90 of all airborne particles. Like bacteria, viruses are organisms that spread airborne diseases as mild as the common cold and as serious as severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS through coughs, sneezes and improperly maintained ventilation systems.

Tobacco Smoke 0. Sidestream smoke has higher concentrations of cancer-causing agents carcinogens than mainstream smoke. And, it has smaller particles than mainstream smoke, which make their way into the lungs and the body s cells more easily. Long-term exposure to urban air pollution containing soot increases the risk of coronary heart disease, according to a major study published in New England Journal of Medicine in 2007.

9 of all airborne particles. Pet Dander 0. 1 25 microns. Pet dander is the old skin and fur that pets shed. Animal dander is very small and can become attached to your clothingeven if you do not own a pet. Dander can be found everywhere floors, carpets, walls, furniture, bedding, even the ceilings. Pet dander is a known asthma and allergy trigger. Dust Mites Allergens 0. 2 25 microns. House dust mites are considered to be the most common cause of asthma and allergic symptoms worldwide.

Dust mites themselves do not cause an allergic reaction, however, their dung-pellets are an irritant to sensitive people and can cause breathing difficulties. They thrive in warm, humid, dark conditions such as mattresses, carpets, sheets, pillows, and upholstery. 5 10 microns. People spread bacteria through the air when they cough and sneeze, transmitting respiratory diseases and triggering symptoms in asthma sufferers.

Bacteria can also grow inside poorly maintained ventilation systems, which spread it into the circulating air. Household Dust 1 100 micron. Dust may worsen hay fever. Circulating outdoor air through a house by keeping doors and windows open, or at least slightly ajar, may reduce the risk of hay fever-causing dust. In colder climates, occupants seal even the smallest air gaps, and eliminate outside fresh air circulating inside the house.

So it is essential to manage dust and airflow. Less than 1 of all airborne particles. Mold Spores 8 80 microns. Mold and fungus are commonly found in most homes and may be found in the air ducts of your heating cooling system. They tend to float throughout the house, and form new colonies where they land. Fungus spores have been known to increase the chances of developing asthma.

Pollen 10 100 microns. One of the most common allergens is pollen. It affects the nose, eyes, and mouth making it difficult to breathe. Most pollen that produces allergic reactions is from trees, grasses, and weeds. Affected Organs. Select one of the particles above to see how it affects your body. ULTRAFINE PARTICLES Particles 0. 1μ 90 of all airborne particles. Ultrafine particles are airborne particles less than 0. 1 microns in diameter.

In sheer number, they represent more than 90 of all airborne pollutants. Ultrafine particles are inhaled and deposited directly into the lungs, where they penetrate tissue and can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Through the bloodstream, they can reach any organ or area of the human body. FINE PARTICLES PM 2. 5 Greater than 9 of all airborne particles. Fine particles also known as PM2. 5 are particulate matter that is less than or equal to 2. 5 microns in diameter.

Fine particles penetrate deeply into the lungsinto areas known as small airways and into the primary air exchange areas of the lungs. Fine particles come from vehicle exhaust, gas and chemical reactions, tobacco smoke, burning candles and other indoor and outdoor sources. COARSE PARTICLES PM 10 Less than 1 of all airborne particles. Coarse particles also known as PM10 are those with a diameter between 2. 5 and 10 microns in diameter. They are not generally inhalable directly into the lungs.

Examples of PM10 include coal dust, fly ash, some components of wood smoke, asbestos fibers, and roadside particles from tires and brakes. Coarse particles are deposited almost exclusively in the nose and throat. This category also includes dust, some pollen and mold spores. HealthPro Series. HealthPro Compact. Join the Waitlist. Subscribe to receive an email once it becomes available. Your Notification has been registered. HealthPro Plus. Klaus Series. Answer 2-3 simple questions and we ll help you quickly find the perfect air cleaning solution.

Visit the IQAir Experience Center. Experience IQAir technology through hands-on product demonstrations and interactive educational tools. Call 866 488-1918 to talk to an Indoor Air Quality IAQ Expert. We have done the research for you, and tested the most popular binary options brokers. If you are looking for the best binary options brokers, then check out the list below. Is Binary Options Available in my Country.

Unfortunately, binary options was been banned in some countries. See the table below to find out if it s still available in your country. If binary options trading is not available, then we will show you which is the best alternative. Broker Info Best Broker NO Trade stocks, indices, currencies. YES Regulated US Binary Broker Nadex visit site YES Regulated AU Binary Broker HighLow visit site NO Trade stocks, indices, currencies. n a Mostly YES Binary Broker for non-EU US AU CA traders IQ Option visit site.

There are some brokers claiming that they accept all countries. Those are probably scams. It is very important that you sign up with a trusted binary options broker. Our visitors asked us Which is the best binary options broker. On this page we will answer that for you this guide was updated on September, 2020. Keep in mind that this list changes all the time and we update it frequently.

The top list contains the most important information about each broker, but you also have the option to read our in-depth reviews as well. Here is a list with the top rated brokers for binary options trading. Deposit Max Returns Features Trade. 10 92 FREE DEMO TRADE NOWREAD REVIEW. 50 200 50 Cashback TRADE NOWREAD REVIEW. Credited in case of successful trade RISK WARNING Capital might be at risk. The list above is only available for non-US traders.

If you are from the US, then please visit our US Binary Options Brokers page. All brokers in this list are safe, secure, legitimate and reputable sites. These are the best binary options brokers, in our opinion. For new traders, it s not easy to find the best binary options broker. There are hundreds to binary options brokers on the internet and more and more are opened every day.

The following brokers are from non-EU and non US traders only. HighLow is one of the safest brokers. They have an Australian ASIC license which is really hard to get. In fact there are only 2 brokers that have this license. HighLow has payouts up to 200 and great deposit bonuses. Visit HighLow. 24Option unfortunately stopped accepting binary option traders. They are regulated by Cysec and they are the safest broker at the moment.

Their headquarter is in Cyprus however they also have offices in London,UK. The only US brand we really recommend is Nadex. US traders have a hard time picking a good binary options broker. For this reason we have created a special page with all US binary options brokers. There are only a few brokers that accept US investors, however there are still a few ones. Nadex is currently the only US broker that we recommend. They are regulated in the US and part of the IG brand. US Brokers That We Don t Recommend.

We ve seen mixed reviews about these brands. We have not seen proof that these brokers are scam, but we cannot recommend them either. Finrally has been the 1 US broker for a long time. They offer an incredible 90 payout, which is one of the highest in the industry. Unfortunately they have recently stopped accepting paypal deposits, however there are still many other payment methods accepted.

Finrally accepts traders from all around the world and is one of the top binary options brokers. Visit Finrally. BinaryMate accepts US traders as well and their payout is ever higher 95. BinaryMate has the best live chat support from all brokers. In fact all traders are greeted by a nice person via live chat upon accessing the homepage.

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Banking some brokers make it so hard to deposit or withdraw money. They either don t accept your preferred payment method, or don t send you the withdrawal on time. Simple and secure banking options are really important. Reviews when doing research, not only do we try out some of these brokers, but we also read the reviews of other traders and sites. We combine all these reviews to create and up-to-date unbiased review for our visitors. This can you will find the best information on one page instead of checking tens of other sites and forums.

Licenses and Regulations when looking for the best binary options broker, we also look at their licenses and regulations. A regulated broker is always safer then an unregulated one, even though there are pretty good unregulated brokers as well. If you are from the US, you will want to choose a CFTC regulated exchange. Platform Traders need an easy to use trading platform that is simple and intuitive, with many functions.

Customer Support When you have a question, the customer support is always there for you. However it s important that you get an answer soon, and don t have to wait for it for days. Live chat is a great method to contact the support team, but not all broker offer this feature. Real Money Binary Options Brokers. You have already made the very first step to becoming a successful investor. You did your research and now you know, which broker is best for you. When choosing the best broker, you should also check out the deposit bonuses they offer.

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We ve picked the best cell phone plans on the market, giving them each a star rating based on coverage, value for money, perks, data allowance including mobile hotspot dataand customer service. Best Cell Phone Plans 2020 Find the Perfect Plan. Best Cell Phone Plans for September 2020. AT T Unlimited Elite plan Best unlimited plan 85 month, 30GB hotspot, HBO Max subscription, 100GB high-speed data Visible Mobile s Unlimited plan Best prepaid cell phone plan 40 month, unlimited data aboard Verizon network T-Mobile Magenta family plan Best cell phone plan for families 140 month for 4 lines, 3GB hotspot, free Netflix Tello s Economy plan Best cheap cell phone plan 10 month, free calls to Mexico, Canada, and China Mint Mobile s 3-Month Medium plan Best value cell phone plan unlimited talk and text, 8GB data 20 month, T-Mobile network coverage Google Fi s Unlimited Data plan Best cell phone plan for international travel 70 month, unlimited text and data in over 200 countries.

When picking the best unlimited data plan, we took into account one of the most important things you need when it comes to unlimited data the best 4G LTE coverage. For this reason amongst others we ve crowned Verizon as the best unlimited data plan provider. Best Unlimited Plan AT T Unlimited Elite. WhistleOut Rating. Who Has the Best Unlimited Data Plan. AT T s Unlimited Elite earns our nod as the best unlimited cell phone plan this month for its combination of great features, extra perks, and fantastic cell phone coverage.

While it s not exactly the cheapest unlimited plan on the market, AT T s Unlimited Elite gives you a lot for the money 30GB of dedicated mobile hotspot data hugely helpful for working remotelyMexico and Canada privileges, a free HBO Max subscription, and last but not least, a massive 100GB month data deprioritization threshold the most generous in the industry.

All of these features and perks make AT T s Unlimited Elite the ideal plan for the pandemic era when we need to rely on our phones more than ever. Plus, it comes backed one of the best 4G LTE cell phone coverage networks in the country second only to Verizon. That means you ll probably have a signal almost anywhere you go. And did we mention that you also get 5G access with this plan. It s no secret that smaller prepaid carriers offer the cheapest cell phone plans.

What is the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plan. We ve picked Visible s one and only plan as the best prepaid cell phone plan, a hard one to beat at just 40 month. Best Prepaid Plan Visible 40 Unlimited Plan. For just 40 month, this prepaid plan gives you unlimited talk, text and data on the best 4G LTE network in the country Verizon. Granted, it doesn t include dedicated mobile hotspot data you have to use your main cell data, and hotspot speed is limited to 5 Mbpsand there aren t any extras.

Visible s 40 month Unlimited plan proves that the best plans don t have to be the most expensive ones. Still, for a basic unlimited cell phone plan with amazing coverage, Visible s offering is a strong contender for the best phone plan on the market. These days, there s very little difference between the best cell phone plans in the prepaid and postpaid categories, other than when you pay your bill. Don t let the prepaid label send you running in the other direction.

For other prepaid options from popular MVNOs like Cricket Wireless and Metro by T-Mobile, check out the most popular prepaid plans right now. What is the Best Cell Phone Plan for a Family. When it comes to picking the best cell phone plan for a family, we looked at price, data allotments, and extra perks to save families some extra cash. Best Family Plan T-Mobile Magenta Family Plan. At 140 month for four lines breaking down to just 35 month per line T-Mobile s Magenta Family Plan is an excellent value.

Magenta iq options with a free 1-screen Netflix subscription, 3GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data per month for each line in those cases you need an internet signal for another device1 free hour of in-flight texting per month, and coverage in Mexico and Canada. This best part. Magenta comes backed by one of the most powerful 4G LTE networks in the country, so you can rest easily knowing you ll have reliable coverage almost anywhere you go.

Oh, and T-Mobile recently unveiled a powerful 5G network, which you can access if you have a 5G-ready device. There are other, less expensive unlimited family plans on the market; Boost Mobile, Total Wireless, and Cricket are just a few of the small carriers to offer 4-lines of unlimited for 100 month. That said, we d recommend this one over the others if quality features are important to you; some of these other ones are fairly stripped down. What s the Best Cheap Cell Phone Plan. If you re on a budget, the best cell phone plan for you probably won t be one with unlimited data or tons of perks.

If all you need is the basics talk, text, a little bit of data you can get a number of plans for under 20 month. Best Cheap Cell Phone Plan Tello Economy Plan. If you re looking for one of the best phone plans that s also straight-up cheapTello s 10 month Economy Plan is right up your alley. It includes unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data, which should suffice if you primarily use WiFi.

Plus, you get free calls to Mexico, Canada, and China should you need them. Another reason this is one of the best cell phone plans the carrier s current deal gives you 50 off for your first month when you sign up. Check out some other popular cheap cell phone plans. What is the Best Value Cell Phone Plan. Mint Mobile is always a strong contender in this category with clear benefits and a low monthly cost. The best value cell phone plans should offer a decent amount of data, good coverage, and good perks all at a competitive price.

Best Value Cell Phone Plan Mint Mobile 3 Month Plan. The 20 month price is incredibly cheap for 8GB of full speed data and unlimited minutes and messages. The best phone plans combine affordability with connectivity, and Mint Mobile s Medium 3-month plan hits the sweet spot. Plus, it includes calls to Mexico and Canada, making it a great option if you have loved ones north or south of the border. Mint operates on T-Mobile s excellent 4G LTE network, so you ll benefit from some of the best cell phone service around.

Mint Mobile sells their cell phone plans in multi-month blocks therefore, this one comes out to 60 for 3 months. Note that this price is for new Mint customers only; for existing Mint subscribers looking for a deal, this may be the perfect time to compare cell service plans. What s the Best Cell Phone Plan for International Travel. If you re a regular jet-setter, it can get annoying having to switch out your U. Check out the top unlimited talk and text options currently available.

sim card for an international SIM. If you want to travel with your regular cell phone plan, you can do so without coming home to a giant cell phone bill international roaming costs can really add up. The best cell phone plans for global roaming offer free international data, texting, and great calling rates. Best International Plan Google Fi Unlimited Data for 1. Google Fi s Unlimited for 1 is arguably the best cell phone plan for international usage.

Simply put, Google Fi s offering allows you to use your cell phone plan s unlimited text and unlimited data in over 200 countries, without having to purchase any expensive add-ons. Calls are 20 cents minute while you re overseas, and if you re here in the costs nothing to call dozens of international destinations. Plus, the free full-speed mobile hotspot tethering means you ll be able keep your entire traveling party stays connected on the go.

The more people you add to your Google Fi Unlimited plan, the cheaper it gets, making it an even better choice for traveling companions willing to split the bill and further placing it solidly among our best cell phone plans for the month. For more options to stay connected while abroad, check out our guide to the Best Travel Plans. How WhistleOut Rates Cell Phone Plans. As you read through this article, you may have noticed a WhistleOut Rating for each cell phone plan. Each star in the WhistleOut rating relates to a specific category.

Cell phone coverage Cell phone plan price and value Mobile hotspot data Extra perks entertainment subscriptions, Prime memberships, etc. Customer service experience. The composite score for these categories makes up the cell phone plan s WhistleOut rating, as determined by our team of experts. Who Has the Best Cell Phone Plans. There s really no short answer to this question it really depends on what you re looking for.

When it comes to the best perks and coverage, one of the major carriers AT T, Verizon, T-Mobile will be your best bet. If you re looking for a budget plan, an MVNO will likely be the best choice. Some of our favorite plans this month come from providers like Verizon, Mint Mobile, and Google Fi. Top Cell Phone Plan Carriers September 2020. Carrier Plan Best for See Plans AT T Unlimited Elite Unlimited data 85 month Visible 40 Unlimited Plan Prepaid 40 month T-Mobile Magenta Family Plan Family 140 month Tello Economy Plan Cheap 10 month Mint Mobile 3-Month Plan Medium Value 20 month Google Fi Unlimited Data for 1 International Travel 70 month.

Please complete all fields to subscribe. An error has occurred. Iq options the best deals, news and tips delivered directly to your inbox. You are now subscribed. How Do I Choose a Cell Phone Plan. When it comes to picking the best cell phone plan for you or your family, it can be difficult to know where to begin who has the best cell phone plan deals. How do you select phone data to meet your needs. Start by asking yourself which factors are most important to you in a new cell phone plan, like.

Saving money Getting good coverage Unlimited data International calling features Dedicated mobile hotspot data. Then, assess your cell phone habits to best figure out your needs. Do you travel often, requiring strong coverage in a variety of places. Do you stream video or games every day, requiring a lot of data. The best phone plan for you will support the activities that you do most frequently without breaking the bank.

Even if you immediately find a plan that ticks all the boxes, it s still important to compare cell service plans. Other carriers may offer the same features for a lower price, or may have a perk you use often for free like Amazon Prime or Netflix, for example. Let s take a closer look into the typical top factors to consider when choosing the best cell phone plan for your needs. Coverage is the factor to consider when choosing a cell phone plan if getting reliable reception is important to you.

Cell phone coverage in the U. Cell Phone Coverage 4G LTE and 5G. is provided by three main 4G LTE networks, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT T. Here s a national snapshot of the coverage footprint from all four. This is approximate coverage only and does not include indoor coverage. Actual speed and performance depends on your location and device.

Local conditions and things like natural and artificial physical features of an area all affect your reception. As the map makes clear, Verizon s 4G LTE network covers the most territory in the U. Note that the map above also includes each carrier s national 5G coverage. This new, faster technology is being rolled out nationwide by Verizon, AT T, and T-Mobile. Check out our dedicated guides to coverage from each of the four.

Once you ve determined who s likely to give you the best cell phone service, it s time to figure out the next element of your best phone plan your data needs. Unlimited Data Plans. There s no doubt about it as our reliance on our cell phones has increased, so to has the demand for data. Coverage information is collected from carriers and other third party sources.

Hence the popularity of unlimited data cell phone plans. Almost every cell phone carrier offers some sort of unlimited data plan nowadays, from the big players Verizon, T-Mobile, AT T to smaller ones Metro by T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Straight Talk Wireless, and countless others. What s more, these unlimited data cell phone plans have become more affordable than ever.

Here are our current favorite unlimited data plans. The caveat, however, is that unlimited data plans are almost never truly unlimited. See, carriers will tend to either soft or hard cap your data usage each month. Soft caps come in the form of data deprioritization thresholds, where your data may be potentially slowed after you ve consumed a certain amount in a given month. Hard capped unlimited cell phone plans get rid of the may in this equation they slow you way down to glacial 2G speeds once you ve hit your limit.

For more on unlimited cell phone plans from the majors, check out these guides. Small Cell Phone Carrier Plans. The four major 4G LTE data networks are also occupied by a variety of smaller mobile virtual network operators, or MVNOs, that use space on them. For example, Metro runs on T-Mobile, Cricket runs on AT T, and Total Wireless runs on Verizon.

Some of the best cell phone plan deals can be found on these small carriers. Use these guides to learn about the prepaid carriers and cell phone plans that run on the major networks. You can learn more about the ins and outs of coverage, view state-by-state coverage breakdowns, and more over on our coverage hub page. Find a better phone plan. Thousands of cell phone plans unpacked.

All the facts. How to Unlock Your AT T Phone or Tablet. AT T Coverage Map How It Compares. T-Mobile Coverage Map How It Compares. Find Better Phone and Internet Plans. Hundreds of cell phone plans unpacked. Best Cell Phone Plans by Carrier. Popular Comparisons. Best Plans of 2020. Compare phones and plans from the following carriers. Latest Cell Phone Deals. Our team pores over the wireless market each and every week to bring you the very best cell phone deals.

Our favorite this week comes from AT T, which is offering up to 1,000 off the fantastic Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G with trade-in. If you re looking for an Apple device, AT T is also offering the iPhone XS for just 1 month. Up to 1,000 off Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G w trade-in. Get 4 lines of T-Mobile Unlimited Essentials for 25 month each. Up to 1,350 off iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max w trade-in. Visible Unlimited Data Plan just 40 month. Get 25 off data for 6 months.

Find the best deal on the newest iPhones. Mint Mobile Launches 30 Month Unlimited Plan. Mint Mobile Cell Phone Deals. Cricket Wireless Cell Phone Deals September 2020. How Much Data Does Spotify Use. Wireless Carriers Pledge Unlimited Data Additional Hotspot Allowances in Response to COVID-19 UPDATED. Metro by T-Mobile Cell Phone Deals September 2020.

Best T-Mobile iPhone Deals for September. Boost Mobile Cell Phone Deals September 2020. Best Verizon iPhone Deals for September 2020. You may have seen us on. About this Service WhistleOut maintains a broad list of providers to help you compare, always covering at least the top ten reviewed providers in every category so you can make a transparent choice.

When you see a promoted product or a product with a go to site button it means that WhistleOut is earning a transaction click fee for the referral. We audit the prices across the whole market regularly and we don t alter the ranking of products in our organic search based on any commercial relationship. WhistleOut US.

WhistleOut Worldwide. About WhistleOut. About Us Contact Us Do Not Sell My Data Our Service Promise How We Work Terms of Use Privacy Policy Widgets Media Centre Sitemap. Address Check Preferences. Sharing data with carriers when searching for plans. WhistleOut s internet coverage check requires that we verify serviceability at iq options address with carriers.

When you click to purchase, we only pass verified addresses to a carrier and your address is loaded iq options the carrier s shopping cart so that you can easily complete the purchase. As part of California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA you are able to select that we do not sell this data to the carrier - this will also prevent us from validating your coverage with a carrier and setting up the address with the carrier if you choose to purchase.

WhistleOut uses anonymous cookies to improve user experience on the site. Please review our privacy policy for more information. Latest Cell Phone News. Best Intraday Trading Software for Nse, Mcx and Nifty Positional Live Charts for Indian Stock Market. Automatic Buy Sell Signal Software For Intraday, Positional Forex Trading Compatible With AmiBroker MetaTrader Charting Platform. The Genuine Profit Making Auto Buy Sell Signal Software for Nse, Nifty-50 and Mcx Commodity Stocks.

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ALSKIT, Copyright В 2014 - 2019. Adress Sector IV-C, Bidhannagar. Help library. Operation TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs 03 28 2019. Preset Settings Definitions. Your new LG TV settings will be set to the factory defaults, but to get the most out of your TV, you are able to improve those settings depending on the environment its in as well as your personal taste. Below are the recommended picture mode settings for different lighting environments.

The following video will give you a general preview of each setting, for more information on each setting, see the Definitions Tab. To access the picture settings, select Menu Settings More Picture. Setting Mode Natural Light Vivid Artificial Light Standard Dark Room Cinema. Note Feel free to modify any of the settings to your preference.

The closer to 100 the brighter. Backlight Controls the level of screen brightness by adjusting the back light. For those who have their TV in a dark room or basement, this setting won t need to be terribly high. Try to avoid making this adjustment while sun is shining directly on the screen, as this will result in an unnaturally high setting. For those in brighter rooms, more backlight intensity will be desired.

Instead, make your adjustments when room light is at its average for when you watch, and pick a program or movie scene with a lot of white in it, a daylight scene on a snow-covered mountain, for example. If after watching the scene for 10 minutes you begin to squint, the backlight is too strong. Decrease the Backlight to reduce energy consumption and to reduce eyestrain. Reduce the backlight and repeat until you are happy.

Depending on the Energy Saving Auto Maximumyou may not be able to adjust the Backlight. In this case, navigate to Settings More Picture Energy Saving and set Energy Saving to OFF or Minimum. Contrast is the difference between the brightest image a TV can create and the darkest. The closer to 100, the higher the contrast will be. Ultimately, your contrast setting will come down to personal preference, but we advise that you resist the urge to simply jack the contrast up.

Adjust the contrast to the point where the white object is bright, iq options still contains detail and crisp edges. A good starting place is the halfway mark. Find a scene with a bright, white image in it and hit the pause button. Note You may have to bounce back and forth between the contrast and brightness settings to find the optimum combination. Brightness Adjusts the overall screen brightness. The closer to 100, the brighter the screen will become.

Setting the brightness too high will result in grayed out blacks and a loss of dimension. When brightness is set too low, you will lose detail in dark areas of the screen called clipping. The easiest way to adjust the brightness is to use the black letterbox bars at the top and bottom of a movie. These bars are meant to be dead black, and will usually be darker than the black background often found in movie credits.

Pause on your scene of choice and turn the brightness up until the letterbox bars appear grey. Then, reduce the brightness just until the black bars are totally black. Sharpness Adjusts the sharpness of the image. The closer to 50, the sharper and clearer the image will be. You can play around with this setting by pausing your source on a scene that provides lots of straight lines; for instance, a scene with lots of buildings or other uniform shapes like stadium bleachers. If you turn the sharpness to its maximum, you should notice that the straight lines will become jagged.

This is the TV introducing artifacts to the image that shouldn t be there. From there you should have no problem finding the setting that suits you. V Sharpness Adjusts the sharpness of the contrast edge in the vertical direction. Reduce the sharpness to a point where the edges appear clean and straight, then let it be.

H Sharpness Adjusts the sharpness of the contrast edge in the horizontal direction. Color Tones down or up the colors displayed on the screen. The closer to 100 the deeper the color. Without a calibration disc and an optical filter or the ability to defeat the red and green output of the television it can be tough to know if you ve got the color just right. Just how green should a leaf look, anyway.

For this reason, a calibration disc is highly recommended to achieve the most accurate color settings. We do have a couple of tricks to offer, though. Settings for color temperature are usually expressed in terms of cool or warm. Note Beyond the capabilities of the TV, room lighting, screen reflectance, picture settings and the content itself all affect the actual picture you see on screen. Choose the warmest setting you have available to you as a starting point.

From there, find a scene with plenty of faces in it, then press pause. First, find out if your TV offers a color-temperature adjustment. Turn the color all the way up and notice how it appears everyone has jaundice or a fresh sunburn. Now, turn the color nearly all the way down and notice how everyone looks as if they belong in the morgue. You don t want that either. Now adjust the color back up until faces look natural.

Each person s face should have its own distinct hue. If it looks like real skin tone, you ll know you ve gotten close. Tint Adjusts the color balance between red and green displayed on the screen. The closer to Red 50, the redder the color will be. The closer to Green 50, the greener the color will be. Color Temperature Adjusts the color temperature from cold to warm. The settings you specify only applies to the currently selected input mode. Depending upon the input signal or the selected picture mode, the available options may differ.

The configurable items differ depending upon model. Smart picture mode allows you to pick from a series of default settings that LG has pre programed into the TV. Each with its unique set up to give you the best performance depending on what you are rendering on the TV. - If you enable this feature, you cannot set Picture Mode manually. - Only available with digital broadcasts. - Channels connected to the COMPONENT IN and HDMI IN do not support Smart Picture Mode.

Select the picture mode that is best suited to your viewing environment, preferences or video type. Vivid Sharpens the image by increasing the contrast, brightness and sharpness. APS Auto Power Saving This mode reduces power consumption by using dimming control. Cinema Optimizes the screen for movies. Sports Soccer Optimizes the screen for sports games. Sharpens the image of rapid movements such as kicking or throwing a ball.

The name of the sport may differ depending on region. Game Optimizes the screen for game play. HDR Effect This feature lets you enjoy a more dynamic, clearer image by correcting the light and dark areas of the display. This feature provides a realistic image, even when the source image s gradation level is high. If you set Picture Mode to HDR Effectyou will not be able to use some of Picture Mode Settings.

Photo Ultra HD model only. This mode is optimized for viewing pictures. It displays photos smoothly while minimizing the loss of the original photo quality. Technicolor Expert Colors optimized by Technicolor s renowned color scientists, who work on Hollywood s premium content. Expert Bright Room Expert Dark Room Allows an expert, or anyone who loves picture quality, to tune to the best picture quality.

This option is an adjustment menu provided for ISF-certified picture quality tuning experts. The ISF logo can only be used in connection with an ISF-certified TV. ISFccc Imaging Science Foundation Certified Calibration Control. Standard Displays the picture with normal contrast, brightness and sharpness levels. - If an HDR Dolby Vision video signal is input to the TV but does not support the HDR Dolby Vision technology, the TV will only display normal signal picture mode options.

- The configurable items differ depending upon model or country. - Depending upon the input signal, the available picture modes may be different. - When watching on line service content, the Picture Mode may be changed to match the content being shown. - Expert is an option that allows a picture quality expert to fine-tune the quality of the standard picture. Thus, it may not be effective for a normal picture. - Picture Mode changes may modify Energy Saving and Motion Eye Care settings and it can affect energy consumption.

This feature allows you to adjust the selected picture mode in detail. You can adjust their settings manually in the Energy Saving and Picture Options menu. Backlight OLED LIGHT Controls the level of screen brightness by adjusting the back light. Instead, make your adjustments when room light is at its average for when you watch, and pick a program or movie scene with a lot of white in it a daylight scene on a snow-covered mountain, for example.

Reset This option will reset the Picture settings. You can reset the Picture modes separately by selecting the Picture mode you wish to reset and enabling it. Dynamic Contrast Corrects the difference between the bright and dark areas of the screen for optimal results depending on the brightness of the picture. Dynamic Color To make the image more colorful and lively adjust the Color and saturation of the picture.

Super Resolution Adjusts the resolution to make dim and blurred images clearer. Preferred Color Adjusts the colors of skin, grass and sky to your personal preferences. Gamma Adjusts the medium brightness of the picture. Color Gamut Selects the range of Colors to display. Set color gamut to Auto according to the signal, or display more vivid and richer color in the order of Extended and Wide. Edge Enhancer Shows clearer and distinctive yet naturaledges of the video.

Color Filter Filters a specific Color spectrum in RGB Colors to fine-tune Color saturation and hue accurately. White Balance Adjusts the overall color temperature of the screen as desired. Color Management System This is a function used by experts when they adjust Colors using a test pattern of six Colors Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Yellow without affecting other Color areas. For normal images, adjustments may not result in noticeable Color changes.

Noise Reduction Removes small dots that stand out so as to make the image clean. MPEG Noise Reduction Reduces the noise produced during the creation of digital video signals. Black Level Compensates the screen brightness and contrast by adjusting the darkness of the screen. Real Cinema Provides a cinema-like experience. Motion Eye Care Automatically adjusts brightness and reduces image blur based on image data which reduces eyestrain.

Turning this option OFF may increase energy consumption. LED Local Dimming Maximizes the contrast ratio by making the bright areas of the screen brighter and the dark areas of the screen darker. Off Disables the LED Local Dimming function. Low Med High Changes the contrast ratio. TruMotion Optimizes the image quality of fast-moving pictures.

Off Turns off the TruMotion. Smooth Softens fast-moving pictures. Clear Makes fast-moving pictures clearer. Clear Plus Makes fast-moving pictures clearer using the back light control. User sets De-Judder De-Blur manually. De-Judder Adjusts juddering on the screen. De-Blur Reduces the blurring effects of motion. - The advanced settings can be changed only in User mode. - Depending upon the input signal or the selected picture mode, the available options may differ. - The configurable items differ depending upon model.

Aspect ratio is an image projection attribute that describes the proportional relationship between the width of an image and its height. For example, movies, which are usually shot with a wide-angle lens, have an aspect ratio that is typically 16 9, which means that the width of the image area is almost twice its height. The traditional television and computer display, on the other hand, are designed for an aspect ratio of 1.

33 1, which means that the width of the display area is only 1. 33 times the height, almost square. Many newer television displays, such as those using HDTV technology, have a widescreen format with an aspect ratio of 16 9. 16 9 Displays an aspect ratio of 16 9. Original Changes the aspect ratio to 4 3 or 16 9 depending upon the input video signal. 4 3 Displays an aspect ratio of 4 3. Vertical Zoom You can adjust the vertical dimension of the screen and align the screen vertically by using Adjust Zoom Ratio and Adjust Screen Position.

Just Scan If you turn this feature ONyou can view the content in the aspect ratio that is in the broadcast signal or content source. If the edge of the screen is not clean please turn it OFF. If set to Autothe feature switches between ON or OFF status depending on the information contained in the video signal. The items that can be selected may vary depending on the current input.

The configurable items differ depending upon model or country. Viewing content from an external device or, for an extended period of time, having fixed text such as the program name or using an aspect ratio of 4 3 may result in image sticking. Depending upon the input signal, the available screen sizes may be different. Reduces power consumption by adjusting peak screen brightness.

Auto TV sensor detects the ambient lighting and automatically adjusts the screen brightness. This feature is available on certain models only. Off Turns off the Energy Saving mode. Minimum Medium Maximum Applies the pre-set Energy Saving mode. Screen off Screen is turned off and only sound is played. Press any button except the power and the volume buttons to turn the screen back on. Note If you use the Energy Saving function, the brightness of your TV will be affected.

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